Sandhill Flats Farm

Tales of stunning sunsets, happy sheep, and peace and quiet on a 10-acre farm in Central Florida.

Hybiscus & the Cat-Days-of-Summer

Weaning the Lambs

Well, tomorrow we will re-attempt to put the ewe-lambs back out with the ewes.  We tried to do a three-week weaning earlier in the spring, but that just did not work out.  When we turned them back in with the ewes after the "first weaning", they went straight back to their mammas and the udders came right back!  

Independence Day

Today we celebrate, give thanks to our service members and veterans, and enjoy our freedom. It took a lot of sacrifice to win our freedom, and it will continue to take a lot of sacrifice to keep our freedom. Our... Continue Reading →

Wild Tomatoes

So, it's getting to be the height of summer now. They say you can't grow tomatoes down here in Central Florida in the summer. Apparently the wild tomatoes didn't get that memo.

Mismatched Twin Lambs

Let's discuss mismatched twin lambs. It was a learning experience for us this lambing season when Hestia gave us mismatched twins. Mismatched twins is when one twin is born markedly larger than the other twin.

Wild Blackberries

Mmmmff, wild blackberry die for.

It’s Shearing Time!

The best part of this whole saga is that my husband's PTSD from the 2016 shearing season has been replaced with comments ranging from "okay, you can keep the sheep" to. . .

Who Doesn’t Love Bouncing Lambs?

The lambs have arrived here at Sandhill Flats! You have to watch Rhea's new twin ewe-lambs bounce and head-bang. I never get tired of the show.

Tzatziki’s New Bunk Feeder

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