I’ve been toying with blogging for a few years, but I just never took the plunge until now.  I love animals, gardening, farming, cooking/baking, writing, DIY projects, sustainable living, being resourceful, and I have a lot, A LOT, to share.  Maybe you need the information, maybe you’re bored, maybe you’re mildly interested, or maybe you’ll be hooked so hard, you’ll have to bookmark this site, follow,  or email subscribe.

We shall see.

We are on 10-acres of oak hammock and pasture.  We have 100 gallons of saltwater reef tank, seven cats, four chickens, 14 sheep, and one horse.

Please allow me to introduce the stars of the show (this picture is a little out-dated as the ewe-lambs are no longer lambs!) our Gulf Coast Native sheep:

The Naming of the Sheep.jpg