Sandhill Flats Farm

Tales of stunning sunsets, happy sheep, and peace and quiet on a 10-acre farm in Central Florida.

It’s Shearing Time!

The best part of this whole saga is that my husband's PTSD from the 2016 shearing season has been replaced with comments ranging from "okay, you can keep the sheep" to. . .

Who Doesn’t Love Bouncing Lambs?

The lambs have arrived here at Sandhill Flats! You have to watch Rhea's new twin ewe-lambs bounce and head-bang. I never get tired of the show.

Tzatziki’s New Bunk Feeder

Let’s Talk About Maccaroni & Cheese…

I just want to take a moment to talk about Maccaroni & cheese. Most people think of that blue box (Kraft) with the golden Maccaroni that comes out, or - heaven forbid - they think of Velveeta (plastic cheese). I'm not going to really talk about the fact that they are both processed, I really just want to talk about flavor; actually, the lack thereof, when it comes to store-bought mac & cheese.

What Shall I Do With All of This Fleece?

Egg Foo Yung

I thought I would share a picture of the egg foo yung. It was scarfed in nano seconds. The rest will end up in the husband's lunch box.

Dance of the Sandhill Cranes

Bok Choy + Eggs = Egg Foo Yung

It was time to harvest some bok choy. I think I will grow some bean sprouts so we can make egg foo yung.

The Chickens Have Started Laying Again!

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